Analysis of GIGA WRECKER for PC

Surely a Game Freak not you disturb the most minimum be “the Pokemon”. Not only is one of the sagas more beloved by the public related to Nintendo, especially in their laptops, but they are also capable of generating millions of sales with each new installment of the main. Of course, there are some of our favorites like SimCity Buildit hack and Fifa 17 but there are this that stand up. In fact, if their faces were known by the general public,  surely not could not walk down the street of the amount of people that has you appreciation of the franchise, whether for games, animation, or series by the same stuffed animals or other samples of merchandising that generate.

But although there are who are surprised, Game Freak are not only parents of Pokémon. In fact, although they started, as many Japanese developers, making games for Nintendo consoles, it was something before even the first Pokémon. Mendel Palace, game which you can see the American announcement here, was his first work, and was a collaboration with Namco. Other known games are Mario & Yoshi, Pulseman’s Mega Drive, Drill Dozer for Game Boy Advance, Harmoknight for 3DS, or the recent Tembo: The Badass Elephant for SEGA.

Game Freak has launched so far their games under other brand names, which is curious because in origin were a magazine posted auto (which here would be called fanzine) video game. Maybe, despite all the time that has passed the worm do what you want them not gone or in mountains of Pokemon dolls, and result of this concern have finished developing a work like Giga Wrecker.

The game that we are discussing has a premise and a few ways that might think that it is the first work of Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori (which are involved in production and consulting roles) despite the dozens of previous titles that have passed. The protagonist of the story is Reika, a girl trapped in a world in which robots have finished dominating mankind, and that nothing more start the game loses arm in a kind of attempted murder by another character. As if we talk of Robocop, a scientist decides to help her by adding a mechanical arm used to run all the skills that form the gameplay of this title.

On the role Giga Wrecker is a platform game with enough action, but it has so many interesting gameplay elements that ends up being a good mix of possibilities created quite wisely. Reika arm is capable of destroying some elements that we find on the screen every so often, that to be absorbed will become a ball of matter that can be used by Reika to attack enemies or to convert to block.

The system employed in the combat with the ball follows the logic that we find in Katamary Damacy: If the object to destroy has one shield that is greater than the ball, can not attack you, but it is less Yes. In this way Reika must create a ball everything great that can to be able to deal with each type of enemy. This what we see in its maximum expression in the fun fighting with the heads of each area, in which, for example, we must stop the sword throwing us into matter that subsequently attack them. In addition, as advance heading Reika will hand discovering new weapons, and on the other hand will improve its statistics through a typical of a game of role of manual skill tree.

If we did not have enough between combat and jumps, Giga Wrecker has enough physical puzzles. On many occasions we find we have to solve a simple puzzle, as a case of scales and weights, where we will have to create a ball of remains of robots, turning it into a block, and run to the other end of the makeshift ramp in order to achieve a place to advance. As often happens with puzzles of Physics (Angry Birds case) not always things come out as we expect, so we will have to repeat more than once many puzzles, although luckily there is usually a point of control near, and in addition to other device which allows to start the puzzle. As we go discovering weapons these we will be useful to solve puzzles, and the complexity of these puzzles will be complicated over time.

With all these parts, we have a game that at first may give a feeling of very high inabarcabilidad, but as we move forward we find that it is able to provide solutions to the same problems. Surely has enough to do the time that this game has been in advance access, so players who enjoyed at the beginning of your entry into this system can confirm that it has greatly improved with the passage of time, which is enough to thank. As extra ball, the game has its own system of editing of puzzles, for those who want to make their own Panel after all the hours of play that already contains.

It is visually quite irregular. While the design of Reika as other characters is interesting, or we can even say that sometimes they are attractive, its staging during the game is something strange. We are not referring to the fact that a girl has a mechanical arm, but that the mix of interactive wallpaper (which can break the arm) with the static, and enemies was just not entirely achieved. All this not we realize too much when we are engaged in solving puzzles, but if you take a look at a game not played for you you’ll note right away.

Noise level is much more constant… and not noteworthy. Music tends to be there, in the background, until once deemed that it should be more animated. Sound effects, on the other hand, accomplish its work perfectly. As extra data, texts of the game are all in English.


Giga Wrecker is an interesting, fun game and that in addition comes signed by a team with a pedigree as it is the case of Game Freak. They have not put forward for the fact market it, but no doubt demonstrate that they are capable of making different products on their own initiative. Let us hope that in the future we see more games their own, and better.

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17 of FIFA is an upcoming football video game in the FIFA series, scheduled to be released on September 27, 2016 in North America and 29 September 2016 for the rest of the world. This will be the first FIFA game in the series to use the Frostbite game engine. July 21, 2016, it was announced that Marco Reus would be featured on the cover of the game.

EA Sports announced at the E3 2016 they have similarities of all first League 20 managers in the game (analysis of the face, etc.). The new features in FIFA 17 include new attacking techniques, review of physical drive, active intelligence system and rewriting of the play.

June 23, 2016, EA Sports announced that the J1 League and the League Cup will be featured in the game for the first time.

The mode of travel game
The game will feature a new campaign mode solo story titled The Journeyfor PS4, Xbox and PC, where players assume the role of Alex Hunter, a jeunefootballeur, trying to make his mark in the Premier League.  the player will be able to select one of the 20 Premier League clubs play for the start of the season. The player can play any position, including the starting goalkeeper.  the story mode features include a wheel dialog, similar to the Mass Effect series.

Alex Hunter is a male of multiracial of 17 of his modest beginnings in Clapham, London.  grandfather of the Hunter is a former English footballer Jim Hunter (20 goals in the season 1966-67).  under the guidance of his grandfather, Hunter decided to play as a football player in the Premier League.

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Hello! Put your homeland to the persistence of summer grain the last bet on game day, which includes:

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